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Телефонные карточки для недорогих предоплаченных междугородних и международных телефонных звонков.

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  телефонная карточка Global Express

Card Details and Features

- Connection Fee
- Maintenance Fee
- Rounding - 1 minute
- Toll Free Access - YES
- Local Access Numbers - YES
- Pinless Dialing - No
- Service Taxes & Surcharges - None
- Pay Phone Charge - YES
- Validity Period - 12 months
- Recharge Option - No

  Global Express Rates

  Номера доступа


Global Express

The Global Express phone card is ideal for travelers as it can be used to call anywhere in the world from any phone in many countries around the globe using Toll Free or Local Access Numbers. There are no connection fees, no activation fees and no contracts. Add to this its multilingual customer service feature.
Please check if there is a Local Access Number in your area. Contact your local phone company to check that your Local Access Number is free of charge for you. A roaming charge may be incurred for calls made from your mobile phone while you are abroad.
This card can be used to call mobile phone numbers but rates may vary for calls to and from non-geographical numbers.

Global Express Dialing Instructions

1. Dial the Local Access Number from the country you are in.
2. Select your language.
3. Enter your PIN.
4. Select Option 1.
5. Dial your destination number, including all codes, followed by #; or enter your Speed Dial Number followed by #
6. To make a follow-on call, press # # #
Х If no connection is established within 20 seconds, please hang up and try again.

For questions regarding connection quality, please contact card's Technical Support.
(The telephone number is provided in the email with card's PIN and Dialing Instructions.)

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